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Executive Council

  • Contact the Executive Council for questions that cannot be answered by the Committees and need specific attention by the President, Executive Vice President, VPs of the Committees, or faculty advisor. If you aren’t a member of ARISTA and have questions about how to receive academic guidance or the application process, contact the Executive Council.

Tutoring Committee
  • Contact the Tutoring Committee for all inquiries regarding peer tutoring, AIS, Writing Center, Dojo, or any other in-school tutoring. They can help you fix credit discrepancies or answer tutoring-related questions.

Event Committee
  • Contact the Events Committee for all inquiries regarding events. They can help you fix credit discrepancies or answer events-related questions. For all inquiries about specific events (including crediting issues), address emails to the leader of that event.

Communications Committee
  • Contact the Communications Committee regarding reaching out to the Stuyvesant community about ARISTA’s academic support opportunities, and with events photos and/or videos.

Web Development Team
  • Contact the Web Development team with any issues using the website. If you get an Internal Server Error (Error 500) please include what you did to create the error, this will allow us to fix the problem as quickly as possible. Thank you!