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Trimesters and Requirements for '17-'18

Below are the requirements for the First Trimester, which ends November 30. These are minimum requirements and you are encouraged to exceed them. Requirements change every semester, you will be notified of Second and Third Trimester requirements in those respective time frames.

This year, we are making trimester requirements for juniors and seniors different to reflect the parts of the school year that might be more difficult for the respective grade. However, the overall requirements for the entire year will be equal for both grades.


First Trimester (ends Nov. 30)
Events Tutoring
General Members 18** (7 out-of-school + 11 other) 6 (2 peer tutoring credits + 4 other)
Events Committee 0* 6 (2 peer tutoring credits + 4 other)
Tutoring Committee 7** (7 out-of-school) 4 (2 peer tutoring credits + 2 other)
Web Development Committee 8** (7 out-of-school + 1 other) 4 (2 peer tutoring credits + 2 other)


First Trimester (ends Nov. 30)
Events Tutoring
General Members 15** (7 out-of-school + 8 other) 6 (2 peer tutoring credits + 4 other)
Events Committee 0* 6 (2 peer tutoring credits + 4 other)
Tutoring Committee 7** (7 out-of-school) 4 (2 peer tutoring credits + 2 other)
Web Development Committee 8** (7 out-of-school + 1 other) 4 (2 peer tutoring credits + 2 other)

*Events Committee members don’t have a quantified hour requirement, but are expected to meet all responsibilities and lead a considerable number of events.

**Out of school events will be marked as such on the details page for the event. Make sure you accumlate the minimum required credits for out of school events.

Note: At least four credits of peer tutoring and seven credits of out of school events must be earned by all members in each trimester as part of their tutoring requirements and will result in a strike if this requirement is not met.

Trimester Time Frames:
Trimester 1:
  • New Members: Induction - November 30
  • Returning Members: July 1 - November 30

Trimester 2:
  • December 1 - February 28

Trimester 3:
  • Class of '17: March 1 - June 12
  • Class of '18: March 1 - June 30

Rollover Credits

Four tutoring credits yields one rollover credit.

Five events credits yields one rollover credit.

Rollover credits do not apply over school years.

  • ARISTA membership is a privilege (you get to learn from the experiences of being a volunteer and a tutor, and you get the coveted gold stole at graduation!). If you do not fulfill your requirements, we unfortunately have to revoke your membership.

  • If an ARISTA member obtains three strikes, his/her membership in ARISTA will be revoked.

  • Strikes may be appealed at the end of the trimester through an appeal form sent out by the Executive Council. Strikes cannot be appealed through emails to a committee or to the EC. Strikes will carry over from your junior year to your senior year.

  • Strikes can be attained in three ways:
    • Failing to meet a credit requirement by the end of the trimester (events + tutoring strikes are separate and additive):

      • Not fulfilling the peer tutoring requirement of the tutoring credit requirement for a trimester yields one strike

      • Not fulfilling the out-of-school events requirement of the events credit requirement for a trimester yields one strike

      • Missing less than or equal to one half of the requirement yields one strike

      • Missing more than half of the requirement but more than 0 credits yields two strikes

      • Missing all of the requirement yields three strikes

    • Cancelling tutoring or events commitments:

      • If you cancel any uncapped event commitment more than 48 hours before, you will not be striked and you don't need to find a replacement, we will do that.

      • If you cancel any uncapped event commitment less than 48 hours before and don't find a replacement, you will be striked.

      • If you cancel a tutoring session (including AIS) or capped event you were confirmed for, you must find a replacement or you will be striked. Your events leader and the website may be able to help with this.

    • Not checking out of an event (this includes leaving without the permission of the event coordinator(s)):

      • If, for any reason, you could not check out with an event coordinator, please email the events committee to resolve the strike.

  • All ARISTA members are required to complete 3 peer tutoring credits per trimester.

  • Tutoring credits can only be accomplished in-house, because the top priority of ARISTA will be being the academic support system for underclassmen and the entire Stuyvesant community. Tutoring opportunities for credits include:

    • Peer tutoring - tutoring another Stuyvesant student in across-the-board subjects, 1 on 1 -- guidelines

    • AIS - after school sessions led by teachers and supported by students

    • CS Dojo - after school sessions that aid in comprehension of computer science skills

    • Writing Center - work 1 on 1 with peers by editing their writing in person

    • StuyPrep - after school sessions during which you tutor middle school students from across the city in SHSAT

    • ...and possibly more TBA!

  • Note: Library Tutoring (tutoring middle school students at libraries all across the city) was previously a tutoring opportunity, but will now be an events opportunity, since it is more of a service to the community than most of our other in-school tutoring ops. This is because we are focusing on servicing our Stuyvesant community and making sure we do as much as possible to use our resources to help those in need of academic guidance at home, before we do so across the city.

  • Tutoring opportunities will officially begin with the 2016-17 academic year in September, more details will follow accordingly.

  • ARISTA events are opportunities for you to venture out, into your communities, and volunteer!

    • Out-of-school events range from set up at a soup kitchen, to setting up at a run or a concert, arranging donated clothing for shipping to underprivileged children, planting trees in various environmental efforts, setting up at SummerStage, delivering warm meals to the elderly, caroling at a hospital, tutoring at a local library, the possibilities are endless! ARISTA has helped so many causes in its many years of existence, and events are truly an opportunity for you to get involved in the community while having fun!

    • In-school events include volunteering in the Alumni Office, Guidance Office, School Store, for teachers, in science labs, SING! ushering, Senior Awards Night, etc.! Various opportunities like these will be available throughout the year.

      • In school volunteering at Stuyvesant's various labs and offices will be credited every weekend. Please wait a week before checking your credits, and email if there are any discrepancies.
      • Note: Volunteers are credited by ID, so please make sure to put your ID, even if there isn't a separate column or it.
      • Opportunities:
        • Chemistry Labs
          Rm. 925
          Periods 2-10
        • AP Chemistry Labs
          Rm. 907
          Periods 1-9
        • Physics Labs
          Rm. 807
          Periods 1-9
        • College Office
          Rm. 225
          Periods 1-10, 1-2 volunteers per period
        • Alumni Office
          Rm. 104
          Periods 1-10, 1-2 volunteers per period
        • Guidance Office
          Rm. 236
          Periods 1-10

    • Recurring events are a new addition: these are events of identical nature that will happen on a recurring basis. This is meant for you to be able to grow a connection to your place of volunteering, due to the constancy of the setting. We do expect you to not only do recurring events, so you get to experience all of the many different types of volunteering the Events Committee finds for you!

    • Mandatory in school events include Open House and PTC. You will be striked for not attending these without a valid and approved excuse.

    • You must receive a confirmation email for any event you sign up for via the website before you volunteer. If you aren’t accepted for an event, you will receive an email saying so; however, not receiving this email does not mean you are confirmed.

    • Cancellation Policy

  • Criteria for Extra Credits

    • Extreme weather conditions (extreme cold, heat, rain, etc.)

    • Particularly strenuous labor

    • Last-minute events- applies to events sent within 1-3 days of the event, not necessarily all events sent outside of the digest

    • Early or late start/end times: (before 8 a.m. and after 9 p.m)

    • Short, non-school related events (less than 2 hours)

    • A venue that is generally difficult to commute to (ex: Locations that are far from any train stations or bus stops)

    • Members who recommend an event through the recommendation form, and go to said event, will also receive an extra credit.

    • Extenuating circumstances that do not include the criteria listed above - these will be discussed between the events leader(s) and the EC.

  • Regarding Multipliers

    When several of the above conditions are met, the event may be listed as having a multiplier for convenient crediting. Please note that this is simply another method of adding extra credits and that multipliers apply to the hours listed on the event page on the website. In the event that, due to circumstances that occur during the event itself, extra credits in addition to the multiplier are given, they will not also be multiplied when going into the total sum of credits for the event. (Ex: An event originally worth double credits will not have 2 extra credits added to its worth for every additional criterion for extra credits it meets.)

  • Non-ARISTA Replacements

    If you're having trouble finding a replacement in ARISTA, non-ARISTA replacements are also acceptable as a last resort. The replacement must be a member of another volunteering organization at Stuy, like Red Cross or Key Club. To be replaced by a non-ARISTA member, send an email to, addressed to the events leader(s) of the event you want to cancel. The events leader(s) will then correspond with the respective organization and will manually remove you from the confirmation list on the day if the event, and the replacement will be credited for the club he/she belongs to. Please remember that you should always try reaching out to fellow ARISTA members first (and follow normal replacement protocol), since you may only use a non-ARISTA replacement once.